Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

dreamed that i had a boyfriend who was secretly a doctor in a hospital that kevin griffin was building. secretly, because the hospital wasn't certified yet, and also because one part of the hospital treated homeless people and illegal immigrants, and the other housed a strip bar, which helped to earn the money to open it up.

the boyfriend was cute, though i knew him to be cute in only a way i would whole-heartedly think so, and was completely understanding of my bajillion neuroses and social anxieties. he left for awhile and came back and said something really cheesy like "aww, i had come back hoping to see you in that white shirt again since you looked so wonderful, but since you changed, i now have the opportunity to see you look wonderful in two ways today." i remember shyly holding his hand by the fingers as i introduced him to faetal, as we were on our way to a petting zoo that included a llama and an ape in a tiny corral together.

okay, now i'm disturbed. i look outside in the middle of typing this and see.... outside. there's usually a screen there, you see. but there's not. so there's been this wide-open window outside for the entire world to crawl in for who knows how long while we were sleeping, and for cats to get out. i'm surprised she didn't.

heat wave over the next few days. i'm so hating being a pedestrian. on monday, i'm so going to hate being a pedestrian with a 20 lb back pack.

i'm still beyond brain dead, and my stomach seems very iffy, but i must brave Outside so that i can set our first gigantic back to school ad. bleh. i would rather spend another day in my pajamas playing WoW and bleeding silently.
Tags: dreams

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