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so, the big discussion here at work today, is a debate about the lawyer that was drunk... hit a girl who was crossing out of the crosswalk (who also had been drinking), parked his car two blocks away, walked home, did not call 911. the girl died.

okay. i think the lawyer should fry, personally. he's a freaking lawyer, he KNOWS he's going to get caught, why not call for help? there were no skid marks, which means that he didn't even brake after hitting the girl.

half the department is arguing that she was drunk, that she stepped into the street outside of a crosswalk, taking her own life in her hands.

the other half argues that sure, she was drinking, but she was drinking and WALKING, not drinking and DRIVING.

ah, well. it's in the past... doesn't matter what we exactly we think about it, it's done and over with and for the jury to decide.

and for him to live with for the rest of his life.

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