Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

stolen from aditu

Post this in your journal, asking your friends list (or whatever
stranger that happens to wander by) to respond with whatever they know
about you. It can be as matter of fact as "Your name is Jim, you pet
dogs," or as random as you like: "You used to hang with mongols and
A week later, write an "about me" post to fill in the gaps in your friends' knowledge.

i'll add one to it and say "put in any questions you have for me to help fill in the blanks."

if that makes sense.

thanks to meestor duffy, i now have a vox thingie. as much as i don't know if i'll actually use the thing, i'm glad i got in before aubkabob was taken. i wasn't so lucky with myspace. GET OFF MY NAME!!

edit: once upon a time, every single thing you would google under 'aubkabob' other than one random thing would be me. now, i'm barely in there. the hell? again, i say, GET OFF MY NAME!!

ah, well. i can rest assured that if nothing else, i was the ORIGINAL aubkabob, with her original aubkablog.

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