Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

dreamed that Dubya accidentally died. i was sad for the loss of a life, but so relieved he was out of office. he had died during some sort of spinal proceedure that is routine, but is fatal half the time. most everyone else didn't really care that our president was dead. some other country started wanting to invade, and i remember being worried and hiding and watching a lot of people die.

in other news, it's time to go to work. bleh. they keep saying that corporate is sending down notes that they don't care how good an employee is, if they don't sell max assurance (the money-back insurance warranty thing on electronics and furniture) or officemax credit cards, that management needs to get rid of them and find someone who WILL.

and guess who hates selling those things? sigh.

my three year anniversary is exactly two weeks from yesterday. i lie. it was really two weeks from friday. anyso, i keep bugging store manager rick to do my review, knowing that he gave me a RAVING review and the biggest raise possible last year. yesterday, he said 'oh, steve's doing it this year'..... okay, steve is the only manager in two years that has written me up for being late (totally warranted, of course, but he actually DID it), and is constantly riding my ass to sell the max assurances. bleh. in a nutshell, that means i'll be lucky to see a raise at ALL this year.

management also keeps trying to edge poor roxana out. she got her certificate for medical doings, but i'll be sad to see her go. she's also the manager that will write me pretty much any schedule on earth that i want, so i'm afraid that once she's gone, i won't be able to have the flexibility for band and school that i do now.
Tags: dreams, work

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