Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

eons ago, quite a few of you expressed an interest in reading my final essay for english 101 on fats vs. carbs. i have finally gotten around to posting it for you on aubreystar.

i also have more photos to post, should i ever get around to it.

and now, for some of the answers to this poll:

bostondave - if i ever get famous and tour! otherwise, i dunno.

bluelighted - you'd think so, but they're actually completely identical, sans the tax. in fact, some gas in portland is higher because some places charge a fee for any non cash transactions purchasing it. but it still results in some couverans sneaking over the border to buy stuff so they don't have to pay tax, and a headache for anyone in washington working retail to fill out tax exempt stuff for any oregonians purchasing stuff in washington. i understand they're getting taxed up the ying for property taxes and state taxes over there, but - and i'm not saying all - the majority of oregonians that shop at officemax are VERY bitchy as they stare down their noses and almost bark "OREGON RESIDENT!" whenever they give me The Tone when they ask for tax exempt on their purchase, i want to say "i can tell." in response. but i refrain. but cheese, there should be a limit or something. i can't count how many times i have had to fill out a giant form to take tax off of a 28 cent transaction.

cmerun12 - faded red with about a full inch of dark brown roots.

imnotbob - hopefully soon. i so need to travel and SOON. too bad i'm poor and have no time.

aubbieincognito - i think it has something to do with lasagna.

wendywoowho - it involves duracells.

dbaxdevilsfan - see above.

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