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Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

i was going to post the answers to last night's quizzy thingie, but the answers are still coming in, so i figured i would keep it up so that others can play, should they want to.

i will just say one slight spoiler to the answers: i was very suprised to see that almost every single one of you guessed Manimal. i thought i was the only person that remembered that ill fated show. i was reading that it only aired for like 6 or 9 shows or something? amazing. i bow to all of your obscure television knowledge.

dreams last night involving our first concert. first of all, i was SO excited (in my dream, this hasn't happend IRL yet) to see Electric Doormat on the cover of a local music magazine. we had two main articles in the magazine, one detailing general stuff about the band, and one sub article with James talking about his influences in music and the many types of basses he plays. (we always razz him in practice because he has two basses he switches back and forth with - a regular 4 string and then his spiffy monster of a 5 string. whenever he plays the bottom notes on that thing, i can feel my ovaries quiver, it's so low.) so, anyhoo, after this wondermous article was posted, we were ready to play our show. first of all, the host introduced us before my mic was plugged in. now, if my keyboard wasn't plugged in, i think that things would go more smoothly than not being able to sing. so i was freaking out about that. i got it plugged in, but they had put my synth in a weird place NEXT to the stage, at ground level, almost as if they were hiding me. i had to sit with a wooden plank oddly perched on my lap and hold the keyboard so it wouldn't slide off. thankfully, the first two songs didn't need my keyboard expertise (in my dream, it was "looking at you" and "a matter of in fact".) i couldn't get my mic stand to stay in one place, so i kept having to lean over awkwardly and slump slowly as the mic would drift downward, until i could wrench it up and begin the slumping process again. i also couldn't find a place to PUT the mic stand - why did they start the show when i'm so not ready?!? why couldn't i MAKE enough time TO get ready? while all of this is going on, my step step mother, Colleen, comes pushing through the crowd and starts talking to me while i'm trying to play keyboards and sing. "your step dad's here, you need to go see him, ray's waiting outside." "uh, i'm a bit busy at the moment, can it wait?" "ah, it's nothing that you can't step away from to go see your FATHER." "um, i'm playing a CONCERT. i can't leave." she continued to guilt trip me while i was trying to perform to where i felt like a lousy daughter because i was choosing the live performance over my father. faetal was behind Colleen apologizing to me, saying she had been trying to get colleen to wait until after the performance. she was almost embarassed about the fact.

all sorts of symbolism and insecurities all over THAT dream, if you ask me.

anyhoo. ooh, crap, i should be leaving for work right about now and i'm still in my pajamas. even if i'm late, i won't be as bad as yesterday: i had gotten almost the entire way to work around 3, when i realized that i was supposed to be there at ELEVEN. heh, woops. i haven't worked a mid shift in MONTHS. the funny thing is that no one realized that i wasn't there until about 245, and the fact i came in at 3 worked overall for everyone concerned, so they could send someone home in order to work more tonight when i'm setting this GIGANTIC ad.

yum, back to school.

if anyone needs any school supplies, i might be able to hook you up with a 15% off bag should you come in tonight, otherwise we'll have stuff like glue and crayons for five cents each tomorrow.

Tags: dreams, work

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