Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

back-to-school is bringing back the lovely array of oddness that we don't get any other time of the year. we had many people reacting stupidly to things - i'm too sleepy to come up with specifics.

However, my Over-Reaction of the Evening Award goes to....

a lady comes up to me with a desk blotter in her hands. she says "i bought one just like this about a year and a half ago, but smaller. i ran out of the papers for it, and i'm not seeing it back there with the other things like this. surely you would never discontinue an item such as this?"

i assured her that sorry, we recently reset that area, and there was quite a few things that ended up getting clearanced out.

"you mean to TELL me that after only having something a year and a half, i can't find refills for it anymore? how can i TRUST you people, how can i trust to ever purchase anything here EVER again, if you're just going to discontinue it on me?" i smiled with my best empathetic smile that i could muster, though every fiber of my being wanted to point out that things get discontinued all the time, a year and a half is an EXCELLENT run on something like that, and in the three years that i've worked there, i've sold maybe two of those dust collectors. i apologized and suggested she try contacting the manufacturer directly. "that's too much work. since you no longer carry the replacements, i can bring it back for a full refund, then, right?" the entire time that she's going on her tirade, she's twirling in circles and huffing at me. she would have been flapping her arms like a disgruntled vulture, too, had she not been clutching onto the blotter with an iron grip. i explain that our return policy is 30 days with a receipt, that sometimes we are able to make exceptions, but surely not a year and a half, and DEFINITELY not something that she's used all of. she started going off on a torrent about trust issues with officemax again, when I told her that i would be happy to go online and try to get a number where she can contact the company. she follows me over... heeey, lookit this! the manufacturer discontinued it LONG ago! i gave her their number and email address, and she suddenly was all sunshine and rainbows. i thought she was going to hug me.

the full moon IS over, yes?

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