Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

an email to my math teacher

Thanks for your response, Louis!  Sorry for the delayed response to the
delayed response - I just got this! (Maybe I should check my email a bit more


Approximately when will you have the final grades available?  I remember
you saying that you grade on a curve, but unless you grade on a LOOP, from my
personal caculations, I am thinking I ended up with around a 65% for the class. 
That's what I get for choosing summer to be the first term to go full time! 
Frustrating, because I had held a solid 4.0 up until this quarter, when I
succeeded - between work and The Plague - to not only lose my 4.0 but also my
financial aid.


But that's just me venting and whining.


Anyhoot, I thank you for being such a fantastic professor.  I only wish I
would have had the pleasure to have had you during a term that I had been able
to apply myself to my full potential - thusly dazzling you with my mathematical
prowess! (strike superhero pose here: _____)  I wish you the best of luck and
joy in your new position!




Aubrey Keating

Math 095

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