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This song popped into my head as i'm sitting here, trying to mentally will the rest of the house awake, much like a kid on Christmas morn. The first line: "wake up - it's late! it's twenty minutes after eight..." pounced into my head and i looked at the clock. hrm, 8:20.

and then i started thinking about the song and started silently gaffawing as i could totally hear this going on in the car. so i post the song and lyrics for YOU!


Ben - scrumbles as Dr. Scratchnsniff
Larrissa - 0vary as Dot
Mike - auto_rock as Yakko
James - poopchkn as Wakko

DrSns: Wake up! It's late!
It's twenty minutes after eight
Everyone get up; it's time to go
Up and at 'em now
Come on; shake a leg
Have some juice and scrambled egg
On the floor and out the door
Let's get on our way.

Dot : Hey, watch out!
Yakko: What's the matter?
Dot : You almost knocked me off the ladder
Yakko: No I didn't
Dot : Yes you did; I almost fell
Yakko: Don't exaggerate
Dot : I'm not
Yakko: Yeah, right
Dot : Are you trying to pick a fight?
Yakko: Will you get out of my face?!
Dot : Well, you're always in my space
DrSns: Hey get off each other's case
Because we're trying to get along.

Wakko: I want pancakes
Or a waffle
This tastes awful
Is that all we've got?
Can't find my clothes
And I need to blow my nose
And my socks are full holes
And my shoelace has a knot.

Dot : That's my toothbrush
Yakko: No it's not
Dot : Well, it's sitting in my slot
Yakko: No it isn't; this is mine and that one's yours
Dot : Well, you're standing in my way
Yakko: Yeah, that's tough
DrSns: Alright now that's enough
Everybody get your stuff
Because we're going out the door.

DrSns: Every time we get into the car
It's so much work
It takes us twenty minutes
While you're driving me berserk
With your playing und your jumping
Und your running all about
When I finally get you inside
You always lock me out!

Dot : I'm mad, I'm mad
I'm really, really, really mad
You poked me with your elbow in my side
Yakko: No I didn't!
Dot : Yes you did
Yakko: Nuh-uh
Dot : You did
And I'm just a little kid
You're lying; don't deny it
Yakko: Oh, I'm gonna hit you
Dot : Yeah, just try it
DrSns: Will both of you be quiet
'Cause we're driving in a car!

Dot : Ow, he hit me!
Yakko: Ow, she bit me!
Dot : He said he's gonna "get me"
Yakko: No I didn't
Dot : Yes you did!
DrSns: Alright that's it; now I forbid
Either one of you to say another word!

Wakko: Are we there yet?
I'm tired.
I'm hungry.
How far?
My nose is snotty
Need to move my body
Gotta use the potty
Better stop the car.

Dot : Stop it!
Yakko: No, you stop it
DrSns: Why can't you both just drop it?
Dot : Well, he started it
Yakko: Oh, yeah, I'm really sure, uh-huh
Dot : Na-ah
Yakko: Uh-uh
Dot : It's your fault
Yakko: No it's not.
Dot: Your leg is in my spot
DrSns: Yakko you be quiet
Und that goes for you too, Dot!

DrSnS: Every time we take a trip
It's always just the same
With the fighting und the biting
Und the calling all those names
Then there's pushing und there's shoving
Und there's scratching on the neck
When we finally get to where we're going
Everyone's a wreck!I'm mad, I'm mad

DrSns: We're here, we're here
Doesn't anybody want to give a cheer?
Yakko: You mean this is where we're all gonna spend the day?
Dot : At the circus?!
Wakko: Hey, guys, look! They got rides!
DrSns: Now you're satisfied?
Alright, everyone inside
And let's have some fun, okay?

Dot : I'm glad, I'm glad
What a really great time we had
Did you see those lions and those tigers
Weren't they neat?
DrSns: Are you happy now?
Dot : We are; thanks a lot
I'm sorry that we fought
From now on I'll get along
Yakko: That's alright, Dot; I was wrong
DrSns: Ah that's nice, now come along
Let's all get in the car.
Dot : You can take the seat you like
You're always so gallant
Yakko: Ah, thank you, Dot, but ladies first
You take the seat you want
DrSns: Everybody's happy now
We've had a real good day
Und now it's time to go back home
So let's be on our way.

Dot : You hit me
Yakko: No I didn't
Dot : Yes you did. Stop it!
Yakko: No, you stop it
Dot : Move your leg
Yakko: No, you move your leg
Dot : You started it
Yakko: No I didn't, you did
Dot : No I didn't, you did
Yakko: So what?
Dot : You always start it!
Yakko: Don't you cross that line!
Dot : You're not the boss of me!
Yakko: This is where the line is, right here!
Dot : Oh yeah? Since when? Get out of my face! I'm the boss here!
Yakko: Dr Scratchansniff, she started it!

and here's the song for you!

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