Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

boy, did i get a late start today. i still haven't had nearly enough coffee, either, but...

i need to go to school and get a bus pass for the next quarter, though i can't really afford it until next payday. as my old one expires today, i think i would spend about the same amount in cost for vancouver buses, so i might as well get a sexeh picture to go along with it.

grades have been posted, i got an A- in medical vocab, an F in chem 050, and a C in algebra. this didn't KILL my gpa like i had anticipated, but knocked it down to 3.16 cum and 3.93 for college level. Although... i just noticed that my gpa for the entire quarter is actually 1.76 (ouch), so i'm printing out that, too, and talking to financial aid to make sure that the fact i fell below a 2.0 doesn't kill my financial aid, either. nevermind, i just read the thingie that came along with my award letter, and it says i'm just put on probation, which is where i'm at for earning less than 10 credits, anyway.

mom's also sick and not doing well at all. she's having leg problems (on top of her diabetes and blood pressure and and and), so i'm taking over some bandages and stuff for her. this will result in a late show for band practice, but i'll make sure to bring lots of batteries for the mp3 player today as well as possibly something to read during the transit. or do. der, i have a DS!

dreamed that i was forced to do stand up comedy at a fund raiser held by Marc Blucas. i spent the entire dream trying to concoct my stand up routine, only to lose the napkins that i had written everything on. when i went on, the only joke i could remember was a really dumb one about it being 630 pm, when it was really 930 pm. i remember hearing coughs at my jokes, and almost going blind with nervousness and embarassment at having to be up there, and telling stories about being a nursing student and working in retail. my stand up routine ended up being story telling with things that only i found funny. i found out afterwards that Marc thought i was highly endearing, and he gave me a giant bear hug in reassurance.
Tags: doormat, dreams, mom, school

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