Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

so yes, i added a few new friends. actually, i ran a little script to add a few new friends. (for those of you wondering what the 'experiment' i was speaking of in an earlier post...) methinks i shall run it some more.

for those of you just joining me, do not fret. i am not a spammy serial adder by any means, so no need to flame on! if you do not wish to add me back, just ignore the fact that i added you, and i shall disappear in 60 minutes or less.

if, on the other hand, my journal and ramblings seem to pique your interest, feel free to add back. if a bit of time goes by and you don't like what you read or feel we don't connect, i shall promise not to cry rivers if we need to part ways.

people are asking why. again? a curiosity. i'm very curious as to who i shall meet through this. so many important people in my online life i have met by doing something randomly or on a whim.

and, again, i'm harmless and not stalkeresque.

quick general details about me (though most are noted in my user info...)

- i'm 31 years old.
- no children.
- i'm a gamer.
- i'm a musician.
- i play in Electric Doormat.
- i am a full time student in college.
- i am working towards my bachelors in nursing.
- i slave work at officemax.

erm... andthat'sallihavetosayfornow, theend.
Tags: script

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