Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

friends list changing numbers rapidly - after the script i ran (yes, yes, i shall get around to posting what it was exactly soon, i promise.), my friends list jumped way up, and now i'm getting deleted by approximately 3 people a day. no problem. i'm not for everyone. i wish you all a grand life!

although i was late - and pissed that i woke up at the time i was supposed to be there - my walk to work was nice. the weather is PERFECT outside at the moment, which is a reminder of one of the big reasons i am in love with this area. i walked into work in a chipper mood.... and instantly saw dark clouds over every single one of my coworkers heads. usually, i get waves or hello's, but they all... glared at me. i also managed to piss off the one manager that i never thought i would see angry, though i don't think that i was 100% responsible for his anger. another coworker has been blowing us off repeatedly the last couple of weeks, and had called in again to say that he wouldn't be in because his wife just went back to work, he can't get a hold of his parents, and he doesn't trust anyone with the baby other than them. okay, understandable, but what about the other 293874938 times? (i also discovered that when i ditched an important band practice to cover his shift so he could go to the dentist that he didn't go, and begged for another day off the following week that he had already been scheduled for, thusly shorting us again.) anyhoo, my shift began with me counting into my till about an hour and fifteen minutes late, snuffling over the counter and holding my eyes in front of the fan in an attempt to get rid of evidence of my tears.

things got better right around the time i got back from lunch, though. i wasn't completely prepared to rush home and drown myself in drano. erm, tequila. not that we HAVE tequila.

every time i eat something, it seems to want to come back up, which is LOVELY. it's odd, because - again - i've never been a thrower upper, and i feel completely FINE, other than the constant taste of bile. not nauseated. not tired or dizzy. i'm just doo dee doo-BARF. shrug.

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