Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

can't remember my dreams much, other than that i was roommates with... i think it was the original beastmaster. i also had a really cool stage in my bedroom closet, which i could use to perform on, should i ever get around to cleaning my room.

mahna mahna.

i was going through posts from years past, to see what i was doing each year on this day. so far, nothing overly exciting. i did come across this post from 2003, in which i talk about bleeding through a tampon in khakis and customer pet peeves. the customer doing that (leaving their stuff in their cart) must be a seasonal thing, because i haven't had it in a long while, and they suddenly seem to be coming out of the woodwork. this year, however, unlike three years ago... well, my attitude hath changed. before, i would come around the counter and put the stuff up there for them. now? i give them a flat stare until they do it themselves. (unless very old or otherwise obviously unable to do it for themselves with ease, of course.) i actually made it almost a full minute yesterday, blinking back and forth between a couple in front of my counter until the wife finally sighed heavily and thwumped her stuff on the counter. i'm all about going the extra mile to exude Extreme Customer Service; however, i am not your lackey, and they're freaking PENS. they're not heavy. you'll survive.

aww, this day back in 2002 found me dealing with Cheap Bastard! my VERY long time friends will remember him - handsome neighbor who asked me on a date, ran up my credit card EIGHTY BUCKS at a hick bar, made me margueritas, and came to my freaking door the next day to get the tequila i had in the house to refill what he made me. oh, how i was a different person then - i never would have allowed it to get to this point NOW.

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