Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

geminigirl posted a response to my post last night, stating that i sound so much happier here and now, than i ever did in phoenix.

to prove the fact that i am, indeed, in a better place, i bring you a post from september 10, 2001! egads, i was morbid. and this was even a year before the BIG depression. if you're REALLY bored and haven't read enough blather about 9/11, you can read the next day, too. i was a travel agent in phoenix during the attacks, didn't know anyone there personally. i wasn't even going to talk about 9/11 or make mention of it, but since it turns out it's the very next entry..

egads, i'm FREEZING. 53 degrees outside? i thought i could withstand lower than that! i must be slipping.

and now the TRUE reason for getting up uber early - a fellow nursing student pointed out last night that i can get my school books on amazon or half.com for way cheaper than at the bookstore, AND i don't have to get dressed! amazing.

it's also weird to me that i've been out of school for a MONTH. i keep obsessively checking my online student schedule to ensure that i am, indeed, registered.

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