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Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

yes, i've lived a lot of places. in talking about different parts of my life, i seem to have confused quite a few of you as to how exactly this all occurred. so, thanks to a response to an old comment by belenen, i shall bring you:

my location timeline!

birth - 8 1/2: monticello, iowa, (population 3500), with a six month life in Bennett, iowa, during the 1st grade (population 200. and no, i'm not missing a zero.)

8 - 13: liberal, kansas, population 6500. worst part of my life since i was so teased in school. i don't know what i would have done if raisin hadn't been there. (in case i haven't told you a bajillion times yet, brandi's mother and my mother met when she was 3 and i was 1.)

13 - 18: longview, washington (about 45 min drive from here.)

18/19: curlew job corps, about 5 miles south of the canadian border in north eastern washington state (complete opposite corner from where i'm at now.) decision to go was made spur of the moment, over coffee after work at 3 am. thee best decision i EVER made.

19: portland, oregon. i only 'lived there' for two weeks, because i was going to give up my education to travel the world via becoming a door to door magazine salesperson. i came to my senses and went to advance training, instead.

19: st. paul, minnesota (from august 1994 to feb. 6th 2005.) i did most of my self searching here, as it was thee lonliest and hardest part of my journey so far. i was therein job corps doing my advance training in transportation and communications.

20: herndon, virginia, about 10 minutes from dulles airport. job corps had helped me land a job with united airlines. i lived there for 5 months, as well, and during that time my life savings (from job corps) had disappeared, my mother was busted for selling meth to the boy i gave my first kiss to in the 9th grade, and i was severely sexually harrassed at the waitressing job i went to after quitting the job i HATED with united.

20: van buren, missouri, population 800. after mom got busted and thrown into jail pending her prison sentence, my brother's father decided to take custody of my then 14 year old brother, offered to let me stay there. as i had nothing holding me in virginia and no job, i agreed. lived there for 1 month and a half. during that time, i fell down the steps and almost broke my ankle (i hadn't even been there 15 minutes!) and was hospitalized after 3 weeks due to severe pneumonia.

20 - 28: phoenix, arizona. after getting out of the hospital, the moist air was preventing a full recovery. my ONLY choices for employment in van buren were waitress or old folks home. my teenage friend joe offered to buy me a ticket to come live in arizona, where he had picked up and moved to on a whim. as my only other option was to beg my father in cedar rapids, iowa, to let me live with him (after being busted for lying about my life for the last six months because of not wanting him to be disappointed in my decisions), i agreed. two months later, joe and i were no longer talking and i was stuck with a hellish roommate. she was going to move back to longview, and i agreed to go with. i changed my mind at the last moment, deciding to sink or swim in phoenix by my own means. i was an adult now. 1995 ended with an even worse roommate who watched me when i slept and news that my step grandma gladys had passed. (remember 1995 started back in st.paul, mn.)

28 - present: vancouver, washington. one month after my 28th birthday, my life in phoenix came full circle. someone suggested i move back up here to be close to my now ex felon mother and my brother. two weeks later, i drove out of phoenix for the last time, only taking what i could pack into my jeep. thee second best decision of my entire LIFE.

i've seen a lot of things in my lifetime. i wouldn't change any of it for the world. i don't think so, anyway.

i haven't accomplished a freaking thing that i had wanted to do today, like going to Clark to get the last of my books and my new bus pass, calling Cristal to get our band's posters and hand bills for our sept 23rd concert...

one thing i noticed today - having death cab for cutie press itself into your dreams because of your clock radio going off always creates fantastic dreams. the first one, to 'body meets soul', was a vibrant music video that reminded me that all the boys are wearing girlie barrettes nowadays. the one this morning, to "follow you into the dark", .. i could never really describe properly, so a note to self to trigger the fantasticness of it all later: snow. dwarves. granite sky. punks burning bicycle. desert. stairs. dr. seuss bike. blue sky.
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