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although this post belongs in aubreystar...

yup, i'm a musician. music has been my spirit, my soul, for... ever, really, sillily starting with the Bay City Rollers when i was 4.

thanks to youtube.com, i was finally able to see videos from my very largest influence.

oh, how funny and fantastic.

Jellyfish was a band that... i've loved them since i randomly picked up their album in 1994. as a matter of in fact, i bought their cd, Bellybutton, on the last night that i spent in st. paul, minnesota, as a moving gift for my future journey in virginia. (i also bought a Bible, but that's another story for another time.) although i've always really loved them, for ... wow, 12 years now! i only recently got to see one of their videos for the first time (though i saw a snippet of "baby's coming back" when it was on mtv back in The Day.) i didn't know any of the band members names, until someone turned me onto Jason Falkner's solo effort. and i knew A manning had ended up with beck and imperial drag, but hadn't known if it was a roger or a joseph or a chris. people would tell me "ohmygaw, i ran into eric dover this weekend!" and i would nod my head politely in excitement, a blank grin sitting on my face. i knew that andy sturmer had gone on to do the theme songs for teen titans and worked extensively with puffy ami yumi. i found out very recently that Andy, while being the lead singer, is also the drummer. i also discovered (thanks to youtube) that andy stands up to drum. fun.

so, in cheesy joy, i bring you: MY MUSICAL INFLUENCE!

sidenote: in my old band in phoenix with scrumbles i was able to twist their arms and talk them into doing covers of "baby's coming back", "glutton of sympathy", and the grey's "both belong". hee.

p.s. - who knew roger manning was such a little cutie!? abdorable. and scrumbles? check out his jamming room! also, the little blonde guy in the two videos? that's the owner of the extremely deep voice in "both belong". i so need to get you some of his solo work - created all by himself, much like your first two albums!


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Sep. 12th, 2006 03:40 am (UTC)
You found 'The King Is Half Undressed' on there! I have every other video by them, plus about 25 songs live in concert, but that one eluded me! Bless you!
May. 8th, 2009 07:06 pm (UTC)
It makes me very sad that they've pulled the ones that I posted here, though I'm certain that they're reposted somewhere on youtube.

My brother bought their recently released tribute album. I listened to it in the shower the other day, and it's... different. It's two discs of every song they did - disc one being a tribute to Bellybutton, disc two to Spilt Milk, plus some extras like "Will You Marry Me"... some of the songs are pretty similar, and there are some that are VERY out there in their differenceness, like "Baby's Coming Back".

Though, for all I know, you already know all about the tribute album and own fifteen copies yourself.
Sep. 12th, 2006 05:46 am (UTC)
random autumnal prettiness, brought to you by the Campaign to Prettify Aubrey's Icons. ;-D (credit alexandral if you use, they're not my icons)
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