Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

although this post belongs in aubreystar...

yup, i'm a musician. music has been my spirit, my soul, for... ever, really, sillily starting with the Bay City Rollers when i was 4.

thanks to youtube.com, i was finally able to see videos from my very largest influence.

oh, how funny and fantastic.

Jellyfish was a band that... i've loved them since i randomly picked up their album in 1994. as a matter of in fact, i bought their cd, Bellybutton, on the last night that i spent in st. paul, minnesota, as a moving gift for my future journey in virginia. (i also bought a Bible, but that's another story for another time.) although i've always really loved them, for ... wow, 12 years now! i only recently got to see one of their videos for the first time (though i saw a snippet of "baby's coming back" when it was on mtv back in The Day.) i didn't know any of the band members names, until someone turned me onto Jason Falkner's solo effort. and i knew A manning had ended up with beck and imperial drag, but hadn't known if it was a roger or a joseph or a chris. people would tell me "ohmygaw, i ran into eric dover this weekend!" and i would nod my head politely in excitement, a blank grin sitting on my face. i knew that andy sturmer had gone on to do the theme songs for teen titans and worked extensively with puffy ami yumi. i found out very recently that Andy, while being the lead singer, is also the drummer. i also discovered (thanks to youtube) that andy stands up to drum. fun.

so, in cheesy joy, i bring you: MY MUSICAL INFLUENCE!

sidenote: in my old band in phoenix with scrumbles i was able to twist their arms and talk them into doing covers of "baby's coming back", "glutton of sympathy", and the grey's "both belong". hee.

p.s. - who knew roger manning was such a little cutie!? abdorable. and scrumbles? check out his jamming room! also, the little blonde guy in the two videos? that's the owner of the extremely deep voice in "both belong". i so need to get you some of his solo work - created all by himself, much like your first two albums!

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