Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

so, i call qwest and rip them a new butt hole and got them to waive all reconnection fees and turn my flipping service back on... i should be online by tonight, if not by lunch. :) i missed you all. *insert cheesy grin here*

there's so much i wanna tell you about the vacation, but it would take a million and one words to do so, or a million and one posts.. so here's some quick highlights:

- halloween party in sandy eggo with everyone half my size and the naked man
- no drinking (until i boarded the ship... my new official stop-drinking date is halloween. easier to remember
- disturbing the HELL out of the piano bar player with my costume
- matt and the naked kilt and the lack of sleep caused by it
- JeRome rocking my world
- the horrible OTHER comics
- meeting alicenwndrln (and how wonderful she is)
- RELAAAAAXING top deck with my Robert Jordan book
- Padli the bestest waiter ever

i know there are other things... i swear there are other things....

i'll get back with yas later...

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