Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

Rock N Roll Pizza!
112th and Powell!

doors open at 630!
we go on at 8 pm!

although i know a lot of yous are going to see Snow Patrol, instead.

but i'm excited. i was a bit nervous at our last practice, as it had been awhile since we had played together, due to broke-ness and vacations and all, and it started out shaky... but then we remembered that we're a UNIT, and we rocked the freaking casba. or, at least we rocked bongo fury.

bought a cheap clearance desk for my room tonight so that i can work on setting up my little personal music corner up there. i want to sound proof the room a bit (we're not getting our deposit back, anyway (not that we're the ones that originally paid it, long story), set up my desk and get instrument stands, and have a little nook where i can isolate myself and practice practice practice... and do homework.

speaking of, in all the busy-ness that is this weekend (concert and working), i have to write two tiny songs for music theory so that i can perform them in front of the class and have them guess which time signature they're in. i'm so unexcited. i also experienced a little idiotic high schoolian isolation when i was paired up with the 17 year olds at my table to work on rewriting music - they instantly turned to each other and blocked me out of the group, only turning to me when they had issues... but that's fine because i got one on one help from Teacher Ben and figured things out and got mine done way fast, so poopie on them. it makes me feel good to realize that it didn't bother me nearly as much as it used to, when i would have been humiliated and devastated. they're young'ins and generally nice, probably not noticing they were being rude jerks.

but anyhoo.

so, um, if you haven't figured it out yet, Life is Busy, so i shall be posting sporadically when i get a free moment, but otherwise will have little time for livejournal. doesn't mean that i don't care, my pretties! feel free to contact me via text messaging, as that's my main form of conversation, and post here if there's something i didn't see that i should have.


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