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Sep. 30th, 2006

i'm painfully decaffeinated. and i need cat food. i like it in milk. not really. but i do like voodoo donuts.

thanks again to all that came out last night.

erm, uh... i ordered some video games, because i'm just not busy enough these days: katamari damacy (ps2), xenogears (ps1), super mario (gba, has the original super mario and super mario 2), and super mario world (GBA). my ds is allowing me to now own all the games that i always desperately wanted as a teen, but was too poor to own.

it's so very anticlimatic to go be a rock star (even to a small crowd) and then go back to officemax and set the ad.

ooooooooooh, that reminds me of what other thing has miffed me - i told them that as soon as humanly possible, i need to work no more than 3 days a week, as i desperately need to focus on school this quarter.... so i'm still scheduled for a full week of work, because they didn't have anyone else. well it's not my grrr fault that you folk haven't hired anyone in a year. so, ben? it'll be another week before i can practice on sundays. in fact, i get to work at 8 am tomorrow, weee! but i'm off... um... tuesday, wednesday, friday? yup.

and now i shall end this post before it becomes so boring that you fall back asleep. at least, that's the effect it has been having on ME.

i want some green tea.


Oct. 2nd, 2006 12:39 pm (UTC)
You must not think of your work at Officemax like that! Nay, its your secrete identity to your rock star life! You see if you were to rock hard every day, all the time and nothing but that then the Anti rock association, here on after refered to as evil-r, would seek you out!

Therefore after wow the crowed you have very little time ssaftly stow your equipment and scuttle off before evil-r swoops in! You dont' have to worry about then attacking during a show because you know they can not penitrate the vibe of the band.



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