Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo


said the sticker on my chest yesterday afternoon. i donated blood for the first time in forever - the only other time i was successful was when i was living in st. paul, minnesota, and did it for money. i had no money to eat off of all day, before going in at 8 pm, so i donated blood for a half hour, stood up.... and promptly passed out. i am so rock.

so i donated blood, ate some cookies, but still felt way... weird. because i'm an idiot for these things, as i had heard the doctor's talking about how you can become a cheap date after donating blood and drinking beer, i came home and drank a little liquor combination, just out of curiosity. i ended up three sheets to the wind for the remainder of the evening.

and a massive headache today, which is odd, as i only had a teensy bit. meh. maybe they're unrelated.

i also skipped studying for my psych exam to donate the blood. worked out for ME, because class ended up being canceled, so... i'm one of those annoying students, you see, that never studies in advance - i just jot down all the things i need to know right before class, and it causes me to retain it long enough to take the test.. and thankfully for quite awhile after. the ladies i sit around in psych spend practically every waking moment studying, it seems, as they're constantly quizzing each other on the study guide and freaking out if they can't find something in the book. i promise to not let them know that all my tests during my psych 101 AND in this quarter thus far have scored a 93% and above. well, except for the one i lost the study guide for.

ooh, note to self to post the dream i had come crashing back to me during a test in ear training yesterday. fuhreaky.

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