Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

just finished watching Passion of Christ which was a movie i had tossed in my netflix queue (add me: aubreykaye@hotmail.com, btw) eons ago and forgot about completely until i yoinked it out of the envelope. i tossed 120 things on my queue, you see, and forbid myself to look at it afterwards, so everything's a surprise. and boy was it.

not a bad movie, i would recommend seeing it once, if nothing else. quite gory. never realized a human could hold so much blood. but then again, we ARE talkin the big J here. ;) as far as last night's thingie on the history channel went, they elaborated later on that lazarus was the first zombie, not Jesus.

i also want to know what it is about me that causes people to walk by a whole bunch of other pedestrians, but approach me directly and ask for money. the hell? it certainly can't be because i dress better than most public transit people. and it certainly isn't because i GIVE money out. because i'm approached on a regular basis (shit you not - at LEAST five times most days), i've made it my personal mantra that i will not give money to ANYONE AT ANY TIME EVUR, unless they have blood visibly seeping from them or a rib sticking out. even then, i may just offer to make a phone call for them, instead. but cheese, is it getting old. and every single time, they walk by several other people that are sitting there by themselves, and ask ME. get OFF.

really need to upload the pictures on my camera, yo.

got an 86% on my music theory midterm.

got a 93% on my psych, putting that as my lowest test score this quarter. booya.

still convinced my ear training instructor has no freaking clue as to who i am. it looked almost as if i frightened him when i greeted him at the coffee stand this afternoon. maybe he had too much vanilla caf already.

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