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(amazing how a cat on a keyboard can ruin everything.)


i totally had something to say, but now i'm speechless. when i burp, i taste pumpkin smoothie. i'm wearing cat ears. merowr. almost no one on campus was dressed up today, but the halfly dressed up people seemed to all agree that hats (and only hats) are in this season. the fully dressed up people wore a constant expression that they wish they would have brought a change of clothes.

hadn't seen my little 8 year old boyfriend (long post ago) in forever, but he and his two friends (one batman!) swooped down on me when i went to check the mail (received tears for fears' greatest hits dood.) with a resounding HAPPYHALLOWEENTRICKORTREATPRETENDTOGIVEMECANDY! batman proceeded to tell me that he gets to go trick or treating after dark, "when it gets colder", and the 8 year old aubreyfan told me that he gets to go to mcdonalds and play instead because he's sick, as he literally foamed at the mouth and two giant streams of snot made a trail from his notrils to his upper lip. he held his head back as he talked to me, almost as if to prevent from eating the stuff.

You went trick or treating as KingArthur.
Xander gave you AMagicBean.
ElizabethBennet gave you AYellowGumdrop.
Bean gave you AWireHanger.
InigoMontoya gave you HolyWater.
You had a potentially illegal time until ColinCraven took you to Sin City.

What's Your Trick-or-Treat Haul?
Shiver My Timber--A Pirate RPG

no plans tonight, but i bought a beer.


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