Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

i will make a post with a bunch of nuggets for you to read. some of them are true. some of them are not. i will let you guess which.

~ my mother is an ex con who served time in prison for selling meth. she was narc'ed off by the first boy i ever kissed.

~ i was teetering on the edge of alcoholism at age fifteen.

~ i had my first pregnancy scare at fifteen.

~ i tried several times to become a pothead, but pot does weird things to my joints, almost as if i have parkinson's disease.

~ although i find myself attracted to women and have been with women in the past, i do not consider myself bisexual. rather, i consider myself asexual as i rarely think about sex and haven't been attracted to anyone of either sex for a very VERY long time (except one person, but that's a long story.)

~ i have toyed with several religions trying to find my fit, but find myself torn between Christianity, Judaisim, and Wicca.

~ my parents divorced when i was 9 months old.

~ i remember the first time i ever saw a black person. the response was not good. but i am beyond that now. (i was four.)

~ i went through three major party phases: mid teens, early 20's, and 28ish. now i have maybe one beer a month. i like the taste.

~ i am 5'7".

~ i used to be able to recite animaniac's nations of the world song (united states, canada, mexico, panama, haiti, jamaica, peru...) in less than a minute. my record time was 51 seconds.

~ i sold drugs for my mother when i was a teenager. she gave me free speed "to keep my weight down" and let me keep half the profit. meanwhile, i was always the teacher's pet, so they would never believe what i did between class.

~ i dropped out of high school at age 18 so i could work at wendy's. i eventually got my high school diploma through job corps.

~ i am extremely socially inept, and was so shy as a teen that i would become violently ill if i was ever in a class where we were forced to make groups.

~ i am 31 years old and have never been in a relationship that lasted more than two months. i haven't been on a date in five years. i haven't kissed a boy in eleven months. i haven't kissed a girl in four months.

~ my ultimate dream job would be to do cartoon voice overs.

maybe i'll do more later.

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