Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

(psst. for those of you that didn't get the hint: add aubreystar.... for my artsy side. ARMTWIST!)

i love how i've been with lj so long that my original journal has a user number in the 50,000. i'm not as hardcore as faetal's user info, though. that girl ROCKS.

good to know they don't hate me at work. the manager that was doing the scheduling while the usual scheduling manager is on vacation was confused about the days i wanted to work. maybe i'll get called in later in the week. shrug. if nothing else, bills AND rent are paid, so i'm good for another 30 days, as long as i stop spending my money.

speaking of. i was so excited to find the xenosaga episode I walkthrough book for eleven dollars, OMG, so i ordered it. i got it in the mail today!!! but it's not the guide, it's the GAME!!! SO now i have two xenosaga's. (three, if you count episode ii.) and i still have xenogears to beat. so many games, so little time.

thank you to all that participated in my caption contest.

had quite a few people surprisingly tell me that i should sell my prints. that really shocked me, so thank you all. any suggestions on how to go about doing that, should i decide to?

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