Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

though in looking at things, it seems like it's old news, Robert Jordan may not have long left to live. the humanitarian in me thinks "oh, man, that poor guy. what hea nd his family must be going through. dreams and wishes and thoughts and prayers to you." the selfish book reading part of me wants to say "dood. you had BEST not freaking die before you come out with your twelfth book. after all you've put us through, man."

got my pamphlet for winter classes in the mail, and i think i've already picked out my classes, subject to availability when my appointment comes up (11/21):

Beginning Piano
Music Theory II
Ear Training II

for a total of 14 credits. this, of course, all balances on the hope that i don't fail my music theory class, which i'm stupidly close to doing. i have an appointment to talk to professor ben on tuesday to explain to him my situation (though i'm going to feel ridiculous saying "hi. i have this weird new thing where i have a major meltdown if i have to even leave my house far enough to check the mail.") and to see what i can do in order to get my grade up (though i guess the 'er duh' answer would be "do your freaking homework, wench.")

though, i suppose to be a good student, i would retake chem 050 instead of spanish, because methinks that taking spanish will use up an elective that i shouldn't, though i can certainly USE spanish in the medical field. though i would rather learn russian. (i'm becoming weirdly obsessed with learning Russian, by the way.) hrm. maybe i'll rethink that. either way, i have a week or so to make up my mind, and to see what's available.

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