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the first halloween cruise, where i officially met my sandy eggo boys for the first time.

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the second halloween cruise, where i was more drunk than i ever think i have been in my LIFE. if you would like, you can read about it here. for those of you that have met chris, you'll notice he's in this pic, second from the left in the bottom row. awww.

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this picture was taken earlier that morning, before i had a single thing to drink. if only i knew....

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and my final halloween cruise. i wish that dress would have made the move with me, although it stains if you even glance at it sideways. i also liked having the black hair as seen in this photo, though unless i have make up on constantly (something i almost NEVER wear anymore), i look incredibly washed out, so red i will stay.

i miss cruising. i had hoped that i had a group foto from my final final cruise, which was over Easter weekend, the weekend i moved up here. i know i have some pics, at least, from my VERY first cruise.... i hope. i did find a picture of montego bay today. purdy.

i also just realized that somehow alicenwndrln didn't make it into this picture. so not fair.
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