Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

me? snore? pshaw.

so, after i went to the halloween party in sandy eggo, i was sitting at "home" in a room full of people, including batman, batgirl, wonder woman, and Stereotypical Black Dude (complete with bag o-fried chicken, bbq sauce, and orange county jail jumpsuit), and i started nodding off. i tried to test my vocal chords any way i could to make sure that how i was sitting (yes, i was sleeping sitting up), wouldn't cause me to snore. i would die if i snored, i thought. i kept trying to stay awake, but kept doing the cross-eyed and eyes rolling into the back of my head stare... one second, i'm watching the guys on television talk in ghetto-speak, the next, i'm strolling casually through a field, surrounded by fluffy clouds.. i'm walking in the clouds... and through the nice fluffy haze, i hear a sound:

ssssznnnzzzzssszz *pause* ssssszzzznszzzszsssnnnnzzss *pause* sssznsnznss

in my dream mind, i think "I'M SNORING! I WILL DIE!", and i sat up straight forward on the couch and yelled "WOOOOOOAHH MAH GAWD!"

i pause.

i notice all 10? 12? people in the room staring at me. i die again.

the next morning, i find out that they thought it was the girl next to me that was snoring ;)

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