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yesterday, i finished book seven in the wheel of time series. because i have LOTS of downtime while on the bus (i can't read in a moving vehicle - barf), i think about silly things like if i were aes sedai, what ajah would i be? maybe a green, but i'm not boy crazy. i'm an awful negotiator, so i wouldn't be a grey. maybe white? welp - in my dream last night i figured it out, as i went up to a girl who was running the register at customer service at work, touched her softly on the shoulder, and whispered "i am of the blue." guess that matter is solved, then.

i need to write many things musically for my final assignment in music theory (due tomorrow) and my life application essay to write on death and dying for psychology (due friday), and here i sit, watching the Heroes marathon on sci fi (before now, i had only seen episode 2 and 3), knitting a fugly scarf that no one will want.

and petting the cat.

watched Harlem Nights - my favorite line "her pussy is so fine that if you threw it up in the air, it would turn to sunshine." or something like that. Go Della Reese. and redd foxx saying "bitch, please!"

and i am now drinking thee most delicious pina colada this side of the mississip. thanks, dan!


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Nov. 30th, 2006 05:28 am (UTC)
you're nucking futs.
Nov. 30th, 2006 09:30 am (UTC)
Ah The Wheel of Time. The series that made
me swear off reading book series unless
they were complete. I started them in 1992
or 1993. RJ now has 11 books out and swears
book 12 will finish everything even if it
is 1500 pages long. Of course he is also
dying of a rare blood disorder and it
would not shock me if he dies leaving of
holding the bag.
Nov. 30th, 2006 01:50 pm (UTC)
Isn't the Wheel of Time an excellent series? I've been reading it since I was a kid@
Nov. 30th, 2006 02:06 pm (UTC)
I taped the Heroes marathon because I had missed 3 and 4 previously, I'll catch up tonight.

So far I like that show, even if it's a rip off of the X-Men.
Nov. 30th, 2006 02:39 pm (UTC)
her pussy is so fine that if you threw it up in the air, it would turn to sunshine

*giggles uncontrollably*
Nov. 30th, 2006 02:46 pm (UTC)
I can't read in a moving vehicle either.
Nov. 30th, 2006 06:31 pm (UTC)
i can't read in a vehicle either. there's too much going on to be in some book.

YOU TOOK MY SUGGESTION Aub! You have no idea how much my sox are rawked off!
Didn't you love the cars of that era? and the dresses!? and that fight between Della Reese and Eddie Murphy?

Gaw I feel special!
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