Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

** i don't know if any of you remember the nifty trick that my body learned that caused me to throw up in my sleep a few times? thankfully that stopped. unfortunately, this has been replaced by a constant mini regurgitation while i'm awake. nothing like the constant taste of my own bile to make my day go round. okay, it's not CONSTANT, but no matter how small of an amount i eat, about a half hour later, give or take, i begin to burp, and each and every burp brings a bit of vomit. when i'm not burping, i constantly feel as if the food is trying to work its way back up my esophagus. i had thought it was GERD or some such, but it doesn't matter WHAT i eat. tums do not help. anti gas aids do not help. suggestions?

** at least school is out now, which will make it easier to make it to the free clinic.

** i love my cat, but sometimes i think she has the intelligence of a cashew.

** watched the cutest movie today, a documentary called "young at heart"... it was about two people in their mid eighties who met and fell in love. AWWWWW.

** did my essay on death and dying in the half hour before i left for school today. therefore, nothing was proof read and my grammar wasn't the best, as i had been up less than five minutes when i began it. at any rate, i may post a copy of it for you at aubreystar. it was inner therapy to write, it was.

** i walked in on daniel in the la la bathroom today. he just walked in on jessie. i guess that means that jess will soon walk in on me.

** realized at one point that i had walked all around the store for a good fifteen minutes with a half roll of industrial sized toilet paper in one hand and a very confused look on my face. not one person looked at me askew. i stated this over the radio, and james replied "i figured you knew best, aubs." for the record? i was looking for a roll of paper towels so i could supply the little girls room.

** i like it when people call me aubs.

** i earned $60 in rewards on this check from stopping theft. ha. i didn't even apply for the reward. rawk.

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