Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

multiplying times the difference on all sides...

it's extremely hard to drink wine and accurately practice solfege. i'm doomed - DOOOMED - i tell you for tomorrow's test.

ah, well. two hours of torture first thing in the morn, and then i'm off for two days so that i may celebrate my brother's birthday with him.

happy birthday my brother, my best friend. (brosely)

i'm always game to share embarassing childhood stories with mutual friends, too, so should you ever see me fer realz, ask and i'll tell.

showed up for my psych exam... and there wasn't a single student in there, just Dr. Kathy reading behind a desk. apparently everyone else showed up at noon and blew through it, and students kept trickling in thereafter, usually just one by one.

for those of you that didn't remember, i did my final life application essay on death and dying and concocted it five minutes after i woke up, finishing it a half hour later - five minutes after i was supposed to leave. i didn't cite any sources, didn't even PROOF READ the thing... i got it back today with a lot of wonderful comments on it and received a 100%. boo. ya. in rereading it, had i spent more time on it i definitely would have changed some of the sentences to be more coherent and would have done better on capitalization and whotnot. (just look at my journal to see how wonderful i am at capitalization.) once i get around to it, i'll scan it in and post it in aubreystar so you can read it (if interested) and can see the comments (if you like.) before writing it, i thought i had close to zero interaction with death in my life, but apparently i've had more than the average bear.

wish me luck at waking up on time tomorrow. i needs to get some hot tea in me stat when i do, and then leave the house at 545 am to get to school on time for my 7 am class.

yay public transit.

yay also, kateri_kachina, for the wonderful card i got in the mail today with all the wonderful sentiments therein. it meant a lot to me, it did.

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