Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

wow, i hadn't realized i hadn't posted in FOUR DAYS. much has happened, i suppose.

i got an 85% on the singing portion of my ear training final, because i lost my sol. (ha, soul.) i was nervous beyond belief, which is what went wrong. i could have gotten it otherwise. i volunteered to go first so i could get it over with. as i left, two classmates, naomi and brittany, chased me down the hall to say their goodbyes and to see how i did (will see brit next quarter for the next chain of music theory/ear training classes, but not naomi.)

went out with jess and daniel to eat asiany cuisine for jess's birthday, but apparently they are closed until further notice due to a kitchen fire. ugh. so we went to a pizza place and sat down. saw everything cost a cajillion dollars for a tiny platter of food, so we went to izzy's instead.

then we went to Wunderland which is a nickel arcade down in portland. stuffing all the tickets we won into jess' pants, he ended up procuring approximately 1200 of them, which he promptly traded for a purple glitter lava lamp that cost 1296. ("but it's my birthday! can't i just HAVE it?!?") i so want to go again for my birthday, but to the larger one downtown that has the seperate secret room with all the really cool games.

then was on our way to the clackamas town center when we were stuck at a traffic light in front of a bar that said "HOME OF THE HAWGARITA!", which led to our first favorite quote of the evening:

daniel: why dont' we have a hawgarita and go to the mall?

the hawgarita is a giant marguerita, of course, possibly strawberry in flavor, though you couldn't tell through the alcohol. they topped each one with a cherry. we were freaked out upon walking in because it was filled with a ton of people screaming at a football game. as some of you may have even experienced, we were kind of the beginning of a bad joke: "two gay guys walk into a sports bar..." as we meander through the crowd to the bar, some people may have been able to smell our fear, as one lady behind us screamed "BROWNS FANS ONLY! ONLY BROWNS FANS ALLOWED IN HERE, YOU HAVE TO GO!!" we looked at each other in horror and she giggled "just kidding! enjoy yourself!" (and to show you how much of a sports fan i am NOT, i had no idea what she was saying to us, but caught "browns" and "only", and thought it was a racial thing, as she was black, but was confused because she was the only one at the entire table she was sitting at. my silly mind.)

so we order our drinks and find a free table. a grey haired guy with drooping mustaches and a pony tail races over and starts bowing to us, starts prattling off about how he's sorry that he's taking up so much room, that he'll scootch his stuff over so as to not be any problem. i see a pile of stuff in the corner by where i was going to sit, but that's it. i tell him jokingly that it's okay, that i was just coming to guard it from people. he suddenly became my new best friend, coming over to talk to me and thank me again, or to let me know that he was "going downstairs to wiz".

the natural thing to start with on the drinks was, of course, the cherries. so we all popped ours in our mouths.

me: .... it .. tastes like mine was .. soaked in something.... *ugly face*
jess: not mine.
daniel: not mine, either.
*the boys have a look of disgust cross their faces in perfect unison as they bite into the cherry*
*we frantically try to finish eating our cherries before we vomit*
me: it was obviously soaked in turpentine!

or 151, which we found out later as the bartendress gave jess two free ones for his birthday, along with a regular coke and a really GIANT shot of rum.

after we left The Home of the Hawgarita, we headed to the mall at the clackamas town center.

me: that's a really huge barnes & noble. (it was two stories)
jess: wow!
me: it's barnes AND noble!

i tell you - the mall is FUN when you're drunk. we had a great time in spencers getting electrocuted, trying on oddly shaped santa hats, and watching a gelatin ant farm. we put on many different scents in the body shop and continued to snort our hands for hours afterwards. our now stinky selves swung into EB Games and putted around until a guy sent us to their sister shop, game spot, for possible karaoke revolution expansion games.

i will tell you now: a drunk jessie, drunk aubrey, and slightly tipsy daniel combined with two very bored Game Spot employees and zero other customers = very great fun. via a teensy contribution from me and a gift card and other donation from daniel, jessie received Final Fantasy XII: Collector's Edition (game AND book), Final Fantasy III for the DS, Guild Wars, and Fable for the xbox. daniel procured an xbox with castlevania and a few other games. my drunken flirting obtained us a giant baggy of free goodies: free magazines they had to give out, figurines from video games and a bobble head spongebob (for jess's birthday), and every single demo they had for any platform that would play it (one they couldn't give us because we didn't have a psp), as well as MANY soundtracks from games. freaking ROCK. they said to feel free to call at any time we're in they neighborhood and say "are you busy?" before coming down, because they would love to give us the same treatment again.

then it was off to build-a-bear. jess got a giant sticker that said "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!! MY NAME IS JESSIE AND I'M 26 YEARS OLD!" (jess: i could have used this sticker earlier!) and built Brosely the Bear as a gift from daniel. it even has a heart. it's a little raver bear, of course.

much fun was had - so much that i could have sworn it was MY birthday, too :) i love adventures.

speaking of birthdays, this just happened in neopets:

<td width="80"></td><td width="320">A beautiful Fire Faerie floats down and gives you a Starry Petpet Paint Brush!!!</td>

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