Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

You find 99 Neopoints!!!

You find a Christmas Kookith Plushie!!!

You also find a Pink Quiggle Scarf!!!

aww, i want a pink quiggle scarf IRL.

work went much better than anticipated last night. customers were butts, but the nice ones by far outshone those who wanted to be negative nancies. my favorite part was an elderly guy that i had built a repoir with that was asking about my personal life. (which i'm always open with people about. if you want to know ANYTHING, just ask.) i told him that i wouldn't be there on saturday (the day he wanted to come back and buy stuff) because i had to go be a rock star. he pointed out that he was worried for me because of all the drugs that are involved in the musician scene. i told him that i don't touch the stuff, i almost never drink anymore even, that i value my brain cells and the entitiy that is ME (which i feel that heavy drug use changes). he said that he was so excited to hear that my brother and i have such a good relationship, but what do i do when he wants to bring girls home to... yanno? i laughed and said "good thing i don't have to worry about that!"

the store manager asked me to volunteer to help with upcoming projects, and i told him i LOVED projects, and to give me as many as he would like, and have me work whenever until january. projects = not on a register and minimal customer interaction, so yup! sign me the freak up, preeeze.

holy crap, Christmas is, like, a week and a half away. which means that there's only two and a half weeks left in the YEAR.

didn't sleep well for a long time, due to a social brother that brought friends home. every time i was about to clambor out of bed, open my door, and yell "DOODS!" down the stairs, it would get wonderfully quiet. i would be ALMOST asleep, when they would come back in from smoking. repeat ad nauseum, until one of them messed with bacci and she went feral on them and they left.

good kitty. that's mah girl. i vowed to give her a fistful of treats when i woke up.

changing around my sleeping habits would be swell, too, i suppose, as i have been staying up until 3 or 4 am and sleeping until noon, which seems so unproductive. granted, i've been working late at work, so i don't get home until 1130, so maybe it works out? and i've been playing a LOT of final fantasy xii. (hey, at least it's not wow or eq.) this is the first ff that the hero annoys the holy HELL out of me. i could even take a whiny Tidus or monkey-tailed Zidane over Vaan. My collector's user's manual has Balthier on the cover... i didn't like him at first, but now he has the honorary title of New Video Game Dude I Would So Do RL.

had a great talk with my mommy today, and i feel much better about the world because of it. thank you again for all of your wonderful kind, supporting words. i think that's one of the biggest reasons i've maintained an lj for almost six years now - it's very theraputic at times.

holy mackeral, do i have to pee.

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