Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

grr. two nights in a row now, i've been asked to stay uber late, and it makes two nights in a row now, too, that i've gotten myself all geared up for a 3 or 4 am working 'til shift.... and overnight crew doesn't show when they're supposed to. i can't hang around for an hour in the store by myself, and i refuse to wait outside. instead, i shall wake up in a couple of hours and go in at butt thirty in the morning because i have shit to do, yo. and that shit can't be done with needy freeping customers in the store.


got a VERY thoughtful gift from a customer today. he bought and brought me a bracelet, a GIANT NURSES TEXTBOOK that had to have cost a mint, some Christmas pens, some playing cards, some calendars. it meant a lot to me, but i seriously don't hope that he turns into a stalker. he's like 70 and wants to go to my rawk show on saturday night.


the coolest freaking storm outside atm. wind gusts of up to 117 at the cost - before the actual storm even hit. the 'lectricity at work kept going on and off, it was slightly creepy. it was REALLY cool, though, when i was fighting giant gusts of wind to get two carts (best work out all day!) and all the lights in the entire shopping plaza went out.

makes me kind of sad that i didn't get to walk home in it at 2 am.

oh how i love weather.

///edit: or i could remember that i have one of the night crew's numbers and text her to see if she's working tonight (yes), what time (midnight), and see if she wants to swing by and grab me on the way (woo!)

sleep is overrated.

and ya didn't need me to be COHERENT at band practice tomorrow, did you ben? heh.

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