Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

wow, i've been one emotional jerk lately. for that, i apologize.

but i really still hate the month of december and wish it would go the hell away already.

reminder: Electric Doormat show tonight at 8, tickets $10 at door, or $8 buy one/get one free from band member. this will also be our last show with the 17 year old phenom James, so make sure to come if you can. He's just too pretty to miss.

call/text me for directions or tickets. coming would truly help us out, as the booking lady has cut us so many fantastic, wonderful deals to get people in... and no one ever shows. methinks our special deals will expire soon, unless we can start bringing in the crowds.

i feel a bit better today, though still grumpy and head cloggy, i seem to have gotten SOME of my strength back. i spent the majority of yesterday under the covers in bed, fighting for some heat. man, i was freezing. i then forced myself to get up to eat something, watched two episodes of sg-1, played a teensy bit of ffxii (i killed the wyvern lord), then went to bed. i can handle the head cloggy-ness, i just cannot handle having no STRENGTH.

here's the venue's myspace for more details, btw.

edit: okay, so my strength is NOT back, and i'm hacking like a 70 year old fifty pack a day smoker. this'll be awesome.

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