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You find 471 Neopoints!!!

You find a Darigan Storytime!!!

You also find a Wind Up Darigan Pteri!!!

just got back from the show, yo!

i haven't been to a band practice in... well, i've been to only one in three months.

i thought it was our worst show because:

- i couldn't hear ben nor i sing at ALL, so i was guessing all of my notes.

- my keyboards magically came unplugged in the middle of a song, not on the keyboard area, but on the surge protector.

- the beautiful 0vary gave me some altoids gum which i kept in my mouth during the show, but tucked to the side. it actually LIQUIFIED into this tar like hot cinnamon substance that got stuck between my cheek and teeth, all over my teeth, and ooooozed down my throat. the song "evil genius" found me not singing, but instead trying frantically to not choke to death, and then not to vomit as the cinnamon gum seared its way down my esophagus. i'm sure my facial expression was priceless.

- i came thisclose to having a sneeze attack during another song that i sing heavily in. for those of you that know me, i generally sneeze MANY times in a row.

- i couldn't hear my keyboards at all during the end. (yes, i had power.)

but apparently we did awesome as we had many people tell us it was our best show evur, that we had a fantastically tight sound, that they really adored the music. the grumpy dad of the guy in the next band even practically clapped me on the back as he told me that we were much better than the bands before us, in his deep, gruff, angry voice. we had a professional photographer out there (mike's uncle) taking pics. maybe i would have dressed up a bit or wore makeup had i known he would be there. (actually, i wore my faetal shirt that says WWW.ENVIEE.COM with her lovely artistry on it, and i'm damn proud of it, too. made me feel a bit better, knowing i had a piece of her with me.)

a profound thanks to macmanchad for coming out and bringing two lovely friends!

a bit of doormat noteworthiness: james (poopchkn) is NOT leaving the band.. he's just not going to be playing with us until his father stops being a bonafide jerk. in the meantime, he will practice and play with us whenever he is staying with his mother. in the other meantime, we will be getting a part time bassist to stand in for him from time to time, until either his dad comes to his senses, or james turns 18 and leaves home.

we also now have a (un)official fifth member now, Avery, who will be playing rhythm guitar, thusly bringing our member number up to five. i missed the memo on this one, otherwise i would have used that as a major selling point to get you alls out there. (though he just played "song j" and "abruptly with a crunch" with us.)

we will be going on a mini haitus for the hollydays as drummer mike (auto_rock) will be going to arizona. the new year will find us finishing our EP, Types of Rocks and starting work on our next full-length album. and hopefully playing more.

ooh, and we're headliners enough now, too, to have our names officially THEE name on the tickets and one of the three bands on the marquee outside. it's good to be appreciated, and i'm very thankful for all that rock n roll pizza and 21st century productions has done for us.

in other news, i'm still sick as a dog, though not as bad as yesterday. right now, i feel as if i was drug for fifty feet face down on a gravel road.
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