Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

aubrey: *stirring the pot* i figured i'd try to make beans.
jessie: do you know how to make beans?
aubrey: i looked it up online.
jessie: cool.
aubrey: i figured that if i can master bean-making, then i can shop bulk all the time and save money and eat more healthily!
jessie: is healthily a word?
aubrey: it is in Aubrenese.


jessie is putting together his computer from Dell and is very excited "ooh, it has cords and cables and THINGS!" which is causing me to get very excited. i get his old one, you see, which means i go from about 300 RAM (yes, yes, it's amazing i can run windows, ha ha.) to 700 sumpthin. but the PAIN of switching everything OVER. i shall deal with that more... IN THE FUTURE.

in the meantime, i shall hunker down on the now deflated human iPlop (beanbag chair - if anyone wants to know what to get the household for Christmas, it's styrofoam beads for it, or .. FURNITURE, period. all we have for furniture in our livingroom is two computer chairs. we're such bachelors.) and play with Balthier. i love watching him fight and cast spells and... *swoon* at least he's older than your usual FF hero - 22 - so i don't feel TOO dirty. though he runs funny, like an ostrich. I just dinged 32 and i'm in the dungeon thingie after Mt. Bur-Omisace in order to obtain the sword thingie for Ashe to prove she's of true royal decent. i'm loving my new golden arm.. thingies.. that give me twice the LP. aw, yesh.

wow. i even just geeked myself to death, sorry about that.

and then the internets died and all were sad.

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