Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

i would LIKE to post you what i got from the advent calendar today, but apparently there's a bug and we all get NUTTIN'.

neopoints delimma: i created accounts as warehouses, if you will, for donations for my guild. i know the password and not the birthdate i entered it (considering i created the things like four or more years ago and didn't use my own birthday), so it's not letting me in. i'm afraid of sending the help team an email and them freaking out because i have several accounts (though it's used for the guild.) every guild i've been in has done the same thing, would they be willing to help or would they freak out and freeze my accounts?

inquiring minds want to know.

and i'm now on jess's old computer/my new computer, which is incredibly faster than my old. i just realized, though, that all my livejournal posts and emails for the last several MONTHS are on outlook on my old computer, so i must figure a way to get it onto this computer, as well as try to find my office disc so that i can HAVE word and outlook on this computer. i also need to figure out a way to hook up my 120 gig internal with his other two that are hooked in here... is that possible? if nothing else, i can rebuild my old computer and transfer information over somehow...

but ug.

in other news: snapple makes good mango green tea and apple black tea. i know. i'm just as surprised as you are. (and i HATE fruity teas.)

i dreamed that i went back to Monticello (yes, again) and went into a family's house across the street from where i lived when i was four, just so i could pet their dog and gaze out the window at what used to be my house. it looked absolutely nothing like the green house i lived in - someone had added to it to make it a really nice gimonstrous blue/grey house. i kept telling the family that there is just nothing sacred about childhood homes, that no one cares if what they do to it completely consecrates all your old memories and destroys them forever. i was completely expecting to get sick from hugging and petting the dogs (as i'm allergic IRL), but didn't care and hugged one of them for all it was worth.

the house i had gone into was a family creating a commune of sorts. they removed all doors from all of the rooms, saying that there was no secrets in their house. they had several teenage daughters, and as i used to hang out there or something, i knew some secret hideaways where they could get some privacy, as all teenage girls should get privacy.

i then left the house and walked across the street (which had become a thick woods area) and into a log cabin. during my walk, i had magically transformed into a little house on the prairie-ish outfit, all dark, hardy wools. i went into the cabin and started making bread, and Daniel Jackson came in and gave me a giant hug from behind and thanked me for being such a remarkable woman.
Tags: dreams, neopets

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