Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

didn't accomplish a thing i planned to today - i spent all day yesterday video gaming, so i promised myself i would do some cleaning/organizing/whatnot today. instead, i curled up on a bed with the roommates (including the cat) and watched many episodes of Rah*Xephon, which is actually quite good. played a teensy bit more of xii, and now i'm tired. i guess it would be cool if i actually went to bed at a reasonable time tonight, compared to the 4 a.m.'s that i HAVE been doing.

this computer makes so much noise.

trying not to think about Christmas, as i had planned on getting gifts with this paycheck, and instead got only $100, which went toward band funds. i know that my friends and family know that i love them regardless if i shower them with gifts or not, but i still feel bad. it seems like every year i have some excuse as to why i'm not getting anyone anything. granted, i do give random gifts throughout the year, but still.

i totally keep forgetting that Christmas is even next week, which puts new years a week after, which = school starting again. funny how i always pray for it to be over swiftly, but when i have downtime and am not in a classroom competing for grades, i get all itchy.

i ate a ton of garlic in dinner and now feel like my mouth is a biohazard. thusly, i shall pop a melatonin (not melanoma), brush the hell out of my teeth (and special rinse), and go to bed.

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