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You find 555 Neopoints!!!

You find a Repaired Meepit Plushie!!!

You also find a Dung Meepit Plushie!!!

ended up working another impromtu overnight shift last night, thusly getting home from work at 6 am. i expected to sleep like a brick until my alarm went off at one, but i woke up naturally at noon. the hell? shrug. had great fun last night with liz and ted and carl, laffing and laffing until we choked on our food. they sweet talked the store manager into letting me work overnights next week, which will be the only week that they can steal me as school starts the week after. they're also allowing overtime, so maybe i can work enough OT in order to substitute the pay i'm missing due to garnishment.

today is store manager rick's last day, and i shall miss him greatly. we find out if Don from Kelso or Kirk from Somewhere will be our new store manager today. i hate giant sudden changes like that. rick seemed really sad to leave us when i spoke to him this morning, though he will not have to drive far at all for work, compared to the hour each way he has to come in hellish portland traffic for our store. (or maybe further.)

nothing else much to add.

ted: what time did we clock out?
carl: thirty-nine.
ted: GET BACK TO WORK! *slaps table*
aubrey: ah, now your true colors show. you're just trying to entice me to overnights, then the honeymoon will be over and you'll show yourself to be the slavedriver you really are.
ted: *booming voice* GET TO WORK! *voice like a 3 year old boy* would you like some choc-olate?

*liz is cutting gouda*
liz: anyone want some?
aubrey: the 8 year old in me wants to say "liz is cutting the cheese at the dinner table!"
*laughter ensues*
aubrey: and she's passing it around!
liz: hush!
ted: yeah, she can't cut the cheese properly with all this noise!

also, regarding yesterday's dream about the floating shelf i really wanted and roxana - when i went into work yesterday (and what hell there was to be had - we were so busy with evil people that all i could do was laugh and grin.) i was surprised to see that we started carrying floating shelves since i worked last, and roxana is out for the rest of the year for a hurt knee, because she wanted to wait for a doctor's note before she stopped doing stuff she wasn't supposed to be doing in her condition. they also ended up fighting over me to move me to overnights, which made me feel like a million bucks. "but yancey's gone, we can't have her gone from days, too!!!!" "but she's the only person who works here that will actually do a good job and get things done, we HAVE to have her!" true ego boost.
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