Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

a funtastic day where it's almost seven and i'm still in my pajamas. nothing was accomplished in RL, other than possibly watching The Usual Suspects so that i can send it back to netflix... i really should watch the two looney tunes discs i have, too.

i really wanted a blast from the past.

i should bathe, too.

school starts exactly one week from today. i'm both excited and filled with dread of the constant early morns.

hell, i wouldn't mind a nap right now, as both brosely and stanieldaniel are doing RIGHT AT THIS INSTANT. if i did it correctly, too, i could make sure that it wouldn't be like going to bed at 7 pm, like wearing too much clothing to sleep all night in. it's a process, you see.

i've been oh so bored with the internets and with livejournal. i'm not saying you're boring, because you're certainly not. i just.. haven't felt like being online.

you would THINK that with all this unonlineness that i would be accomplishing things RL, but again, this isn't the case. except for rambling posts, that is.

we have such an exhorbitant amount of garbage in the dining room from jess's new dell computer + things shipped to us for the holidays + other stuff. we hadn't taken everything out yesterday because the trash bins were overflowing with gift wrap and such. i was excited to hear the garbage trucks coming today... but the bins are already overflowing with freaking Christmas trees. sheesh. people should realize those suckers need to stay up until april, at least.

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