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i also love it that i went to bed with sopping wet hair last night and woke up with one helluvan afro. i thought my hair was too long for that now? i was mistaken. maybe i'll take more recent photos for you soon. maybe.

also realized that i left my mp3 player at work and will thusly have a half hour walk there with only whatever song is going through my head to accompany me. i'm working right now to get conjunction junction out of my head (though it was the better than ezra version of it, and i didn't mind TOO much having kevin's sultry voice in my head saying "but that's an absurd thought."

in case you missed earlier bulletins, i took over my brother's computer when he received his new dell, thusly giving me 2 1/2 times the RAM i had on my old one. our attempt to move my 120 gig hard drive over didn't work, and until i feel energetic enough to rip everything apart and rebuild my old computer again, i'm stuck with his 3 gigs of music on his computer, instead of my 27+. yes, i'm spoiled. at least he has some okgo on it.

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