Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

the more i watch divorce court, the more i'm happy that i'm single.

i wouldn't be watching divorce court, but i have no idea what happened to the remote.

what a world we live in.

i know tonight will be busy at work, as well as tomorrow, as i have a 12 page ad to set. i was told that i have to train people so that on the saturday nights that i need off in order to be a rock star, it doesn't take the crew approximately one decade to do the job i do in a few hours.

i love how they're panicking about OHMYGAWSOMUCHAD!!!, though i've set 12 page ads by myself all the dang time.


trying to concoct a show and tell post for my favorite bands, but youtube.com is being a butt. not even a SEXY butt.

actually, i never got into looking at butts. some men's hips make me swoon all over the place, but i guess i cannot fathom drooling over the part of the body that makes gravy.

oh, how i hate to do DISHES. i really need to start wearing gloves, as it seems like the older i get, the more it greatly disturbs me that i'm allowing my hands to hang out in soggy old food.


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