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i figured i would provide you with a youtube rendition of my favoritest bands.

first up is sloan (i know some of you canadians are groaning, but shush.) they've been around since... 91ish, i lolled in fuv with them in 96. a four piece from nova scotia, when they formed, they ended up with a guitarist on drums and a drummer on bass. funny how that works. when we saw them live last may, due to the height of the stage and our proximity to it, chris's junk was in our faces the entire time. well, actually, at 5'6", i got his thigh, but poor daniel had to do some junk dodging as murph did some of his kicks.

this is my favorite video, but definitely nothing close to my favorite song:

i was very pleased to actually find this video on youtube for better than ezra. i LOVE playing this song acoustically, slowing it down, raising it up a couple of frets (because i don't have balls and thusly cannot sing that low in parts), and pouring emotion into it. i think this was done back in about 94'ish, back when kevin had a ton of hair (and a silly acting ability, he has his masters in theatre, i think i read somewhere?), tom is sporting a super rock emo look, and travis looks suspiciously like a guy name cary ;) har.

next we have Jellyfish. in most cases that i've witnessed: either you love Jellyfish, or you haven't heard them. well, maybe not ALL cases. they only came out with two albums, but ended up influencing approximately a gagillion musicians. (i can name several on my friends list, in fact.) roger joseph manning, jr, is my keyboarding heeero, and played with Beck for a bit, as well as Imperial Drag with ex bandmate Eric. andy sturmer (singer/drummer) went on to produce puffy amiyumi as well as write a bunch of songs here and there for various shows and cartoons (namely a lot of the stuff you hear on teen titans.) jason falkner hath persued a solo career ever since (other than a brief stint with The Grays). i was going to post one of their videos, because they're just so silly, but instead i stumbled across this gem of them playing live on some show. the live harmonies almost made me cream in my jeans, so i figured i would share it with you.

and of course, we have Toad the Wet Sprocket. i could tell you a story about how i stumbled upon them and what i was going through in my life at the time, though i shall refrain for now, as this post'll be a long one anyway, and i've probably babbled about it some time in the past. but glen's songwriting *swoon* and the inflection behind the words *fans self* i just love how they put the entire package together. glen's solo stuff has been aiight, though i haven't checked it out much. i think that solo-ly, some of the collective magic is gone from everything that was Toad. i loved a response from someone to one of their videos on youtube: "toad the wet sprocket is secks on wheels, hold the wheels and with extra secks." out of all their videos, i chose this one because i think that glen looks sort of tefeny in it:

i of course also desperately have to add some Nickel Creek. This is the video that piqued my interest - i found them totally on accident while skimming the channels and wondered why the hell they were singing to a wall. they were doing an interview on CMT (which i had actually deleted from my television, so it's a miracle i found them) and showing all their videos in honor of the release of their This Side album. the video also features (gasp!) Glen Phillips moving a couch! rawk.

and i'm too plush for your pathetic digs... my favorite pair of lesbians with acoustic guitars, The Murmurs. i wasn't sure if i should put them in this list, as i've never been a die hard fan, but their debut album accompanied me through one of the hardest times of my life. i didn't even LIKE the "you suck" song, but they had other fun stuff. i really want their hair - either of theirs - in this video. curse working a job that won't let me go outside the red family.

of course - OKGO! this video sounds weirdly tinny, but i get all excited because of the bright colors and it makes me want to BLOW UP THINGS OMG. i'm gonna guess they won't be prepared for the thousand farenheit hot metal lights behind your eyes!

and one of the first bands in quite awhile that i discovered that i love. this song was on the clock radio when it went off one morning, and it incorporated itself into my dream as a music video - all bright colors. the lead singer had white blonde hair and held his bangs completely upright in a barrette, and i was confused until i remembered that boys were wearing barrettes these days. anyhoo, i didn't know who on earth sang that for MONTHS afterwards, and the song freaking haunted me, until i accidentally caught death cab on letterman one night.

i'll be very proud of you if you watch them all - i made this post mainly for documentation for me, and to share with whomever might be interested. methinks i shall eventually post it on aubreystar, too. or aubkablog. i may also get around to doing the most monumental albums for me in the same way.



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Dec. 30th, 2006 01:21 pm (UTC)
That was fun.

Sloan: Hadn't seen that one; haven't seen many Sloan videos at all. I'll have to do a YouTube soon.

Ezra and Toad: Haven't seen those videos in ages. Oh, and I think Glen is coming here in March. A day or two after Chris Difford of Squeeze. So I might be going to both.

Jellyfish: OMG! Eargasm and eyegasm! That was the best!

Nickel Creek: I always get them confused with Nickelback. I know, I know. I really need to seek out more of their catalog if this is truly representative. Great harmonies.

The Murmurs: Not a fan, but I do like it. And, yes, you need a job that let's you go multicolored. :)

OK Go: Love their recent videos with the treadmills and the mock fighting and all. Hadn't seen this one, but it's official: I love every OK Go video I've seen.

Death Cab: I love this song; this is the first time I've seen the accompanying video. Very cool.

Thanks for sharing. I look forward to more installations of AubTV. :)
Dec. 30th, 2006 03:24 pm (UTC)
WOOT WOOT for the Murmurs.. Though not a fan I am a fan of the L Word. Leisha Hailey (the one in the video with short hair) now plays Alice in this Show on Show time.
Dec. 30th, 2006 06:08 pm (UTC)
The best part of the Jllyfish live stuff from the Spilt Milk tour is Dover...

I mean, he's not even in the fucking band, but there he is.

Calling Eric Dover an ex-band mate of Roger's is only accurate for Imperial Drag, but even according to Dover, he wasn't even in the band, he was just a touring musician.

Doesn't make him less cooler, but I mean, look at that footage, he just doesn't look like he belong with Roger, Andy and little sexy Jason.

Hey, where's the Marvelous 3? I totally expected one their videos.
Dec. 31st, 2006 03:30 am (UTC)
These influences of yours are great, no doubt, but they beg this all-important question: What do you think of Matthew Sweet?

If you don't know him, I imagine that the video of 'Time Capsule' or 'Girlfriend' would probably be the easiest ones to find.
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