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dumb dumb dumb moment of the century:

i ordered pizza about a half hour ago and was fervently waiting for it to show up. i receive a call from OfficeMax: "aubrey, did you order pizza?"

so i ordered pizza and had it sent to my WORK, not home. i was freaking out, and they said "no problem, it wasn't like they came in and said 'WHERE'S OUR MONEY!' because you paid with a credit card."

so as no one here has a car, i told them "HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM ME!" and am still sitting here, out 25 bucks and still hungry.


they said that they'd pay me back, but i feel AWFUL spending $25 of store money without prior permission.

i'm a dweeb.

LMFAO - and i also included a tip before hand, something i have NEVER done, so they didn't even have to worry about that.

i wish i could see their facial expressions, too, when papa john's showed up and said "here's the pizza you or-dered!" (said in Jhonen Vasquez voice from a zimmy episode)

edit: i just replaced the order, making extra sure to send it HERE, and papa john's called "hi. um....... did you just place an order?" i told them that yes, i was dumb, and yes, i still want it delivered HERE, not to officemax. good thing they question two seperate orders put in within in an hour for an extrra large hawaiian barbeque pizza, plus a free one topping - half mushroom, half olive, for the same credit card.

also, i couldn't recognize the voice on the phone from omx that called me, though it sounded yanceyish. i totally forgot that the new store manager, Kirk, is starting today. WAY TO MAKE A FIRST IMPRESSION! WOO!

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