Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

we just dove into the final hour for 2006. overall, methinks it was a year of accomplishment, as i am certainly different than i was when it began.

- at (almost) age 31, i went to college for the first time, to major in nursing.

- after thinking i would never perform music live again, i was asked to join Electric Doormat.

- although i had always pictured myself singing or playing guitar - MAAAYBE bass - i became an honorary Keyboard Player.

- i think i kissed one boy this year. i kissed no girls. no, wait! i did.

- contrary to what i thought was going to happen this year, i still have all of my parental units (though it came close at times, and their health is certainly not better by any means.)

- i after three quarters, i changed my major from nursing to music, deciding to follow my passion before something i wouldn't mind doing for the rest of my life. nursing can always come later.

- i strengthened some of my friendships, thusly giving me the tightest, favoritest, most heart-special circle of friends i think i have ever had.

- i put on 40 lbs. meh.

- i grew my hair from short and spiked and bright red to chin length and dark red with black streaks.

- i began to realize i have emotional issues, and have taken steps to repair this. well, sorta.

i know that i'm being dumb and forgetting something REALLY IMPORTANT OMG, but what can you do? i decided to stay home tonight, by myself!!, play some ffxii, and drink a beer or two. my brother said it was sad that i was spending new years eve alone, in my pajamas and mismatched socks. my retort was that if i was happy and content with what i was doing, how is that sad? i didn't want to get raging drunk. i didn't want to be surrounded by a hugillion people that i don't know and don't even talk to more than twice a year anyway, and i didn't want to deal with lack of transportation to go somewhere else, and wanted to sleep in my own bed. the day after tomorrow begins my hectic schedule again - four college level classes + work + band...

much love to you all. i hope you have a wonderful and safe and content (for you!) new years.

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