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So I was robbed.

We had a group of four teenage boys come into the store and immediately split up. Two of them immediately came up to Sergey and me, asking us seperate questions about things, keeping us destracted while the other two roamed around with backpacks. They all used the restroom and then left.

I went to grab some food and walked into the break room to find my locker wide open. I thought I remembered locking it, and I placed my hand inside and felt no purse. I immediately said "okay, who's been in my locker and where is my purse?!?" Jessalyn and Igor stopped talking behind me and said "are you serious?"

The door to the break room is immediately to the left of the restrooms and looks and feels locked, but isn't. Out of forty lockers, they chose lucky #7 to break into. The remains of the lock were never found.

I'm quite upset about losing my $80 mp3 player and my cell phone. I'm upset about losing about $40 in cash, my bus pass, and my house and band practice space keys. I'm upset that the house address is on my bus pass. I'm sad that I lost the new purse and cell phone holder that my brother got me as a random gift just yesterday, as well as the Pisces key chain that he gave me as a birthday present last year or so.


Consider this:

When I got to work today, I came THISCLOSE to putting the cash that was in my purse into my pocket instead of my bank card. I finally decided that I can use the cash at school but not the card, and decided on stuffing my bank card into my back pocket so that I wouldn't have to come all the way back to the break room to get my stuff after clocking out for lunch. I almost left my Arizona DL in my purse, but ended up pulling that out, too, just in case I ran into the very random person that actually read the "Check ID" in Sharpie on the back of my card and asked for it. Thank GOD they didn't end up with my bank card with my student funds in it. It could have been MUCH, much worse.

I also recently started locking the lock on my locker, though I hadn't in months. In fact, today I almost left it unlocked because I totally trust all my coworkers, but figured that since I had $40 in cash, that I should lock it. Therefore, management (nor anyone else) can fault me for not trying to protect my items. I did everything I could to keep them safe, other than leaving them at home.

I'm inwardly groaning at the effort (and money) it's going to take to get a new phone, new number, and to recollect all the numbers I had in there. I'm highly irritated at having to invest into another mp3 player and to deal with having no music on my massive commutes until then. I also need to deal with my 120 gig hard drive that has all my old music and get it onto my new computer somehow in order to download it to the new player. Tons of effort and technical prowess is needed.

The police were called and Officer Starbuck (His real name. Promise.) came out to get my list of things that were stolen from the store and me. (They had taken at least $300 in electronics - we found the packages in the bathroom at the same time we discovered my purse was gone.) He gave me a case number and told him to call should I find anything else. (Now I have two phone numbers that were dialed after the phone was taken.)

So, um, yeah. The only way to contact me until further notice is via the internet, either here or by emailing me at aubkabob at livejournal dot com.
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