Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

Thank you so very much, all of you, for your overwhelming response to yesterday's post. I had no idea that this many people even were ON LiveJournal over the weekend!! The phone was shut off and reported stolen last night, the two numbers dialed after the phone was stolen in my brother's journal. (His decision, not mine.) Once the boys wake up today, if T-Mobile is still open, maybe we'll go get a new phone. If not, I could probably do it tomorrow after school. I know the roommates were up until at least 6:30 a.m., so when that will be....? Once a new phone and number has been procured, I shall post a poll to receive all your numbers again (if'n you'll oblige, for texting purposes only, of course - i HATE the phone.) and give you my digits.

scrumbles? I'll be available for practice probably on Wednesday and Thursday. Methinks tomorrow will be my Official Cramping and Getting Things Situated After Being Burglared Day.

So today, so far, I have been content to sit in a Motrin induced haze (to combat possible cramps) and bleed in front of the telly, where I'm still playing FFXII. So, to keep you occupied during your weekend... I give you a short, pointless poll.

Poll #902328 Final Fantasy XII Characters - AHOY.

Who is your favorite main FFXII Character?


Dreamed of Monticello again last night. (Monticello, Iowa, is the town that I lived in from birth to age 8 1/2, and again briefly during age 11.) The fact that it shows up in my dreams all the time is really starting to haunt me. I keep feeling a pull to go back there IRL to possibly rid myself of ghosts that seem to keep popping up.

raisin will also sillily be pleased to know that I am curled up in the beloved lopsided blue crotcheted blanket she made me for Christmas when we were age 12/14. Yes, I still amazingly have it after all of my moves across the U.S., and it's still in good condition. I'm just as amazed as you are. There's so little else that I actually have from that era of my life (living in Liberal, Kansas, or before), it warms my heart to have it here with me today.

Love yous.

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