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So we left to go get me a phone. The main T-Mobile store was closed fifteen minutes before we got there, but we needed to go to the maul anyway to return a game that stanieldaniel purchased, so we figured that we would hit the kiosk there.

We arrive and see a giant, sweaty guy helping a couple in front of us. I pick out a phone and we wait patiently, though this tall, imposing man in black was trying to cut in front of us. When the giant, sweaty t-mobile rep was done with the couple, he ignored the guy in black and turned to me, which won him points.

The ONLY points he received for the rest of the transaction.

I say "I want this phone." Sweaty guy (who has a voice that sounds as if he's gargled razor blades daily for the last fifteen years) tries to look up my account, but hits a slight snafu. When I tell him that we had the phone reported stolen and suspended service on it, he said that there's nothing he could do for us. (Although he's a "licensed honorary t-mobile representative".) He then says "I can sell you a used phone." and starts yoinking out random phones from his drawers and slamming them around inside the drawer and on his desk. "Twenty bucks."
"No, I want a new phone."
"Well, I don't get paid for an upgrade. I'll sell you a SIM card for ten bucks."

He then continues to berate my brother for not having a spare phone around that he could implant the SIM card into.

We ended up buying the SIM card (for which he fished for change in his wallet) and got a receipt that read "Diamond Cellular, Battle Ground, WA"... at least if I'm out $10... hell, what's another ten bucks ontop of everything else?

There's other things, too, but I'm feeling generally dejected and ill about... everything... and don't feel like going into it anymore.

As my brother pointed out, every one of my coworkers knows that I'm starting school this week and that I just received my student check. They all know which locker is mine. It's fishy that my locker out of everyone's was picked out for the theft.

I want to believe whole-heartedly that this was an outside job, that this had been done by the teenagers. I've always said that I love my coworkers to death, that we're a close-knit family that always has each others' backs. To suddenly be aware that one of them could have done this to me, probably with the intention of something much, much worse (i.e., my bank card) hurts just about more than I can handle.

In the meantime, I shall be without house keys and a phone until further notice. I hadn't realized how much of a security blanket having that phone was. It was my watch, my sanity (via texting), my Is There Should Anything Arise and I Need to Make an Emergency Call thing.
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