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I somehow forgot this song when I made the post about things on my mp3 player. It's my favoritest thing to listen to when I feel all hectic-ed out and feel I'm just going through the motions:

Moving just keep moving
til I dont know what Im saying
Ive been moving so long
The days all feel the same

Moving just keep moving
Well I dont know why to stay
No ties to bind me
No reasons to remain

Got a low low feeling around me
And a stone cold feeling inside
And I just cant stop messing my mind up
Or wasting my time

Theres a mow low feeling around me
And a stone cold feeling inside
Ive got to find somebody to help me
Ill keep you in mind

So Ill keep moving just keep moving
Well I dont know who I am
No need to follow
Theres no way back again

Moving keep on moving
Where I feel Im home again
And when its over
Ill see you again

brosely just got home, so we're about to make another attempt to get me a phone. Hopefully, I'll have a number for you when I get home.

Kevin Griffin's voice is disturbingly sexy in "Conjunction Junction". Sexy beyond words, disturbing because it's a child's song.

I tossed and turned in bed last night until my alarm went off. At that point, I was sleepy enough to hit the reset button and sleep til noon. Woops. One missed day of school down, only three more I can miss between now and mid March, or grades will start dropping.

and for those of you that don't read LiveJournal on the weekends, I posted a Final Fantasy XII poll and had my locker broken into at work and my purse stolen. So no phone and no mp3 player until further notice. Bah.


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