Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo (aubkabob) wrote,
Ticklebuddy Wonderpoo

~ JAWS (Justice for Animal Wellfare Society) hath been called regarding a cat spaying. They're mailing me an application and will pay half. They also said that if I can make it to the Humane Society on a Saturday between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m., I will be able to get the Botchster vaccinated and dewormed for like five bucks. Schweet.

~ Request has been submitted to change locks on the apartment (I'm nothing, if not procrastinatory), which is supposedly going to be done by tomorrow afternoon. This means I need to hang out here in order to make certain that the cat doesn't full-on attack maintenaince and/or locksmith.

~ Request also turned in to repair the garbage disposal that hasn't worked for over a year. I do not envy the maintenance guy for what he may witness stuck down there. Eep.

~ Work says that I still get one free calendar, so to bring my 13 pictures in a.s.a.p. so that I can make it (I get it free so that I may learn how to make the calendars.) I have had mostly a group of pictures together to make a calendar for Mom for literally over three years. Maybe this will be the year? Daniel prepaid for one, so we could make it a [non dating] date.

~ Work also says I get to make a poster. I was sad that it couldn't be anything copywritten - thusly no giant laminated poster of Balthier. I may still find a way around this. Then, years later once my idiotic fandom has passed, I shall wonder what to do with a gigantic poster of a random Hume with a taste for bunnies.

~ I swung by a pawn shop specializing in instruments on the way home from school to see if they had something reasonable with regular sized piano keys to practice on. Alas, everything they had was just as much as I would spend for something brand new that I LIKE. Thusly, no new keyboard for Aubs. I also checked out what they have for KORG cases - he had one for a hunnerd bucks (!!!) that was hardcover, but I decided just to freaking order one from Guitar center for a third of the cost.

~ I feel accomplished today, though I'm too freaking sleepy to accomplish anything else (maybe four hours sleep last night) so methinks I shall take a nap and then possibly do some studying. I have an interval test tomorrow, you know, and am having issues deciding if two notes sound like "When the Saints Go Marching in" (M3) or more like "Here Comes the Bride" (P4). Star Wars (P5), "Greensleeves" (m3), and "Frere Jacques" (M2) I have down pat. I also desperately need to study my Spanish because I can't tell you what you're wearing, and do a TON of music theory homework.

~ Piano class is going swell, I got a hunnerd on my first test. Everything is totally rudimentary in comparison to everything that I already have crammed in my skull, but HOO BOY, do I need practice on my finger inflection and rhythm. But you all already knew I have about as much rhythm as a deaf, drunk, straight, white guy in a techno club.


~ favorite work quote from last night:

Yancey: I'll bet you ANYTHING he makes a million dollars a year... or LESS!
Aubrey: I'll take that bet!

(had meant to say 'or slightly less'. funny how one missing word changes an entire meaning.)

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